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Concrete wall construction Koh Samui

Rungruangchai Samui Construction offers all cement concrete fence and  barbed wire construction and renovation services. We have a concrete wall manufacturing decades of experience. Choose your style, services and select the durability of the wall.

  • stone brick 7cm with cement mortar leveling (total thickness about 10cm)
  • or 15 cm stone brick with cement mortal level
  • leave the cement surface (most cost effect)
  • special effect painting (example loft style)
  • normal surface painting with water block system (durable decades). Choose your styles and colours, the range is unlimited.
  • tiling surface
  • columns frame design (an easy way to make the effect and strength)


Concrete wall prices start about 5000 Thai Baht per meter. The price is affected by the strength, the location, height and the soil. Order a free estimate

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Professionalism and Experience

concrete wall construction

We in Rungruangchai always do our work without sacrificing quality. A concrete wall can be done in many ways if, for example, you want to save on costs or the wall will be in the invisible position so the coating does not necessarily have to be spectacular. Well done stone concrete wall will withstand from father to son anyway. Coatings will only further enhance the basic durability.

Coating and surface

Concrete cement wall can be coated in many different ways. You can choose concrete slap, tiling, mortar leveling or left leave stone bricks visible. Normally we always do a mortar layer that is coated with a primer that forms a water lock. This measure will increase lifetime for centuries, of course you provided good maintenance.

Confidence and Locality

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