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Hotel & Resort Construction

hotel building expertise for decades

Hotel and Resort construction in Koh samui

We have two executives who have decades of experience in building a hotel and resort in Koh Samui. With experience, workplaces are completed in high quality and high quality standards are met. Hotel and resort in building quality can not bargain and always have to aim for 5 stars even if the end result remains of 3 or 4 stars. Welcome to visit our hotel and resort construction services.

the hotel terrace overlooks the sea
high quality interior design in hotel lobby
total relaxation in a quality hotel by the pool

strategic partner for a hotel projects

Rungruangchai Samui Construction is local company, which not only adds reliability but also knowledge of the island. This will speed up construction and we do not have to make the same mistakes as new amateurs who coming to the island. Our knowledgeable employees and the extensive network of cooperation guarantee high quality and which can be trusted.

Koh Samui have many good locations for hotel and resort construction. The biggest tourist stream flows into the vicinity of the airport, but is also the most expensive area. Whole island is populated and tourism is spreading all the time, so the construction of the Resort and the Hotel is worthwhile around the island. Investment objective can even be achieved more quickly in a quieter area because the plot rental and sell prices are actually much cheaper.

koh samui tourist places are exellent hotel construction locations
Fast construction and return expectations

Hotel Apartment are popular

hotel apartment reception with stunning swimming pool
bophut hotel koh samui coming soon. three floor with terrace
three floor hotel apartment in chaweng koh samui
bangrak hotel koh samui coming soon. three floor strugture
just ready apartment all ready booked full
Hotel in Lipanoi beach, Koh Samui

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beach construction is limited to 10 meters from the beach

the height of palm trees is the limit in koh samui

Rules and laws in Koh Samui enough, but by following the regulations, construction is safe and the result remains good. The altitude restriction for building has been made to keep Koh Samui unique atmosphere. Well this has already been destroyed in Chaweng Noi and Chaweng Hill where villa construction has been brutally violated by law and corruption of money moved. The police will hopefully find out who has violated the law and puts the responsibility. Villa construction without any environment plan are a shocking sight. We will always give you an accurate explanation of what you can really build and the permissions are real and not falsifying. Trustworthiness before anything.

Please dont coming to ask anything from us where us need to violate the law. We not coming to building your hotel top of water or make house which is over limit high. We not coming to move beach line outward on the because it is illegal. You may have seen and heard that someone has made some construction and you imagine it is legal, but in reality it is criminal activity and corruption. All the action is left by the police and currently the army and the laws are kept better day by day. We want Koh Samui stay beautiful paradise island.