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Painting Services koh Samui

All painting services are available so far only in Koh Samui.

experience painting team in koh samui

Rungruangchai Samui Construction is experienced painting company. In Koh Samui, like throughout Thailand, painting areas may be very challenging due to the climate. Have a hot spots and weather like in Samui, sea climate. This reason is  good to make a paint choice with a professionals. We offer full service for painting:

  • indoor and outdoor
  • facade painting
  • construction paints
  • iron priming and wood protection
  • ceiling and effect walls
  • door and window frames
  • wall and fence surfaces
  • cement loft design
plinth, roof, wall, indoor and outdoor painting koh samui


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Loft wall painting

Loft wall has become particularly popular because of the low cost and fast work. Before we are used to seeing loft walls in toilets and public spaces example parking places, but now people have found it as their own interior design, same as office in Taling Ngam. (see more our office pictures in Facebook.

Before loft coating, we choose the color you want. There are many different options available to you, which to choose your own. Work is decided on loft lacquer. Dont use any normal lacquer, only for the intended purpose. We will be happy to help you.

If you have an old surface to which you want a loft surface, there are two options; The first option is to remove the old paint and make the genuine and original cement surface with loft style. Another option is to use a loft paint that comes over an old paint. This second option not look exactly correct and we not also recommended this style. Only if you have horry and not so matter. This questions our painting team give final answer for you. If you want correct cement loft, please check out our masonry services in koh samui

loft design cement koh samui
around house scaffolding with out size limit

scaffolding for all heights

Price list and other information under construction, by asking more…

options for painting with our partners

window and wall patterns

We often get the question from customers that can we painting walls something special, example opening times or company logo. If you are going to paint patterns or letters on the walls, first of all, it is labor-intensive and its take time and we need make maybe the mold mechanically for every letter which one have special font.  For this we have a cooperation agreement with advertising agency; Chameleon Production Co., Ltd.

Chameleon Production is professional advertising agency which have machines for all your ideas for signs and name plates on the walls, fences. Also they make iron, acrylic and wood lettering. All this are much better choice than directly painting on surfaces. Please visit Chameleon Production website and ask them more for your wall art.

If you have idea cover all walls or fences with art, we have three options. First is use our good friend painting your art in wall with time. Second option we use some rack and make vinyl wall. Third option is cover with high quality sticker or wallpapers.

For windows also we forget to paint completely and using different style stickers for your opening time or art images. Have frosted window sticker or 3M high quality outdoor stickers. All can die cut on shape which you need.