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Office Home Construction

cost-effective building

office home construction in koh samui

Office home combination of construction is particularly popular in Thailand and Koh Samui. The apartment can easily be connected to different style buildings, most popular of these are the downstairs offices of apartments and condos. In this way, you can save money when you do not have to build a separate dwelling.

three floor office home complex where first floor is full offices and shops
Home office front ring road

first floor for offices

An example of a house the first floor is reserved for work space. You can make office, shops or a full market area and upstairs have good space for home and living.

Depending on the location office home complex rented always very fast so its also good for investment and rental business. Rent prices start from Saket, Taling Ngam, Lipanoi area 8000 Baht to Chaweng beach over 25,000 – 50,000 THB. The investments pay back for about 5 to 10 years and resale prices are good and the margin remains high. If you just rent a business space, you can ask rent from 3000 – 12000 THB.

Many downstairs office spaces can be combined as well as upstairs apartments. This is of course depends on the building or housing company.

Office Home Construction Price

Office home complex prices are downtrodden already very low and construction is cheap. Square prices consist largely of how much you want to make purchases.

There is many different style compound office and home living. Our architect and engineering are specialist for big and small office home combinations, with this experience the costs have also fallen down because have much modeling.

red building include store and back room home
reliable and local developer

decades of experience in construction

Large house projects is good to do with trust professionals. Our work leaders have been involved in numerous office home complex construction projects. We always do our best from the beginning to the end.

We make all office home complex always with our trusted architect. Its guarantee always best result for our construction projects in Koh Samui.